thumbelina short story

A fairy princess with broken wings shows kindness to a frog in trouble and receives a very unexpected reward. Other short stories by Hans Christian Andersen also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors. As soon as the summer was over the wedding would take place. “Goodbye, pretty little bird,” she said, “goodbye. “Perhaps this was the one who sang to me so sweetly in the summer,” she said, “and how much pleasure it gave me, you dear, pretty bird.”. Thumbelina did not feel at all interested about this neighbour, for he was a mole. мультфильм . Beautiful children ran along the country lanes, playing with large butterflies and as the swallow flew farther and farther, every place appeared still more lovely. Then, she heard a knock at the door and opened it. It made little Thumbelina very sad to see it, she did so love the little birds. 10 stars means you really liked it! Their ride into an unknown world begins when one of them eats an unknown fruit and falls unconscious. He could only open his eyes for a moment to look at Thumbelina, who stood by. It will be like an island to her, she is so light and small, and then she cannot escape. “This is my house,” said the swallow; “but it would not do for you to live there—you would not be comfortable. A short time before, the mole had dug a long passage under the earth, which led from the dwelling of the field mouse to his own, and here she had permission to walk with Thumbelina whenever she liked. she is like a human being.”. In the middle of the floor lay a swallow, his beautiful wings pulled close to his sides, his feet and head drawn up under his feathers – it seemed that the poor bird had died of the cold. But especially was she sorry for the beautiful white butterfly which she had tied to the leaf. We offer a shorter version of this story for younger children in our Children's Library, titled Thumbelina. ''Thumbelina'' is a story of a girl who's really just a victim of her circumstances. That night the fairy prince comes to her window and hears her singing. She liked Thumbelina, so she said, “You are quite welcome to stay with me all the winter, if you like; but you must keep my rooms clean and neat, and tell me stories, for I shall like to hear them very much.” And Thumbelina did all that the field mouse asked her, and found herself very comfortable. It was a very pretty sight. ‘He would make you a fi ne husband. She was hardly half as long as a thumb so they gave her the name of Little Thumb, or Thumbelina, because she was so small. Share. Then she went home and planted it, and in no time up grew a lovely large flower, like a tulip but with its leaves tightly closed, as if it were still a bud. You can sit on my back and fasten yourself on. The people there who were like her renamed her Erin. He had a gold crown on his head, and lovely wings at his shoulders, and was not much bigger than was she herself. Hans Christian Andersen wrote this delicate story in 1835. “What a pretty little wife this would make for my son,” said the toad, and she took up the walnut shell in which Thumbelina lay asleep, and jumped through the window with it, into the garden. "You can come down to the warm country," said the bird, so Thumbellina hopped on the bird's back and flew to the warm country. She looked up, and there was the swallow himself flying close by. She always … Then he flew down with her from the tree and placed her on a daisy, and she wept at the thought that she was so ugly that even the beetles would have nothing to say to her. Thumbelina slept in a walnut shell and brought the old woman joy and happiness. Thumbelina Wedding Preparation - thumbelina Games For kids new ♥ :-) … During the summer, she ate berries and drank the dew off the leaves. from the wicked wizard. frankroberto2143. They are rescued by a butterfly, who drops them in the middle of nowhere when a terrible snow storm hits. Thumbelina could also sing so softly and sweetly that nothing like her singing had ever been heard before. 7.9. If you could only have him for a husband, you would be well provided for indeed. A large marble pillar lay on the ground, which, in falling, had been broken into three pieces. This is a Robin Hood Short Story. “That will be delightful,” she said, and clapped her little hands for joy. After she washed the lady up and fed her, she saw that she was really beautiful. This great fairy tale for kids has been beautifully illustrated and will encourage young children to read. "Thumbelina" is about a tiny girl. That fall she nearly had to marry Mole. about little people? Plant this seed, water it carefully, watch over it, and give it your love. One of his fairy tales is ''Thumbelina.'' Career - Hans Christian Andersen - Author Famous Work - Fairy Tale Collection featuring "The Ugly Duckling" and "Thumbelina" Thumbelina Fairy Tale A Printer Friendly Free Short Story! “Cold winter is coming,” said the swallow, “and I am going to fly away into warmer countries. All the summer they had sung and twittered for her so beautifully. “It is a beautiful flower,” said the woman, and she kissed the red and golden-colored petals. When autumn arrived Thumbelina had her outfit quite ready, and the field mouse said to her, “In four weeks the wedding must take place.”. Thumbelina. Thumbelina did. As soon as they caught sight of her they saw she was very pretty, and it made them angry to think that she must go and live with the ugly toads even though she didn’t want to. All the birds who had sung to her so sweetly had flown away and the trees and the flowers had withered. “He is very rich and clever and his house is twenty times larger than mine,” said the field mouse. But during the night Thumbelina could not sleep, so she got out of bed and made a large, beautiful rug of hay. The old lady repeated what she said. The Bat And The Weasels. The poor child was very unhappy at the thought of saying farewell to the beautiful sun, and as the field mouse had given her permission to stand at the door, she went to look at it once more. She would not even consider the neighbor, because he was a mole. If you … But then she heard a familiar tweet and an idea popped up in the bird's head. “Oh, how beautiful he is!” whispered Thumbelina to the swallow. She is a cute little creature that came alive by coming out of a seed.

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